Jelly Lens Effect Filter Set (Three Image Mirage/ Close Up/ Stretch)

Jelly Lens Effect Filter Set (Three Image Mirage/ Close Up/ Stretch)

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Key Features:
  • Add special effects to your digital photos
  • Effect:
1.get 3 nice images in one frame
2.add the special 'close up' filter effect for your photos
3.distorting mirror, make the people fat or slim
  • 20% cheaper than buying individually
  • Generate different variations by twisting the lens
  • Self adhesive backing with cover
  • Easily removable without any sticky residue
  • Can be used as the phone strap when the lens not in use
  • Bungee Cord, great portable accessory for mobile phone, camera, and web-cam
  • Total 12 special effects available
  • Dimension (mm): 20 (Diameter) x 12 (Thickness)

Tips to Use:
  • Washing with detergent can make the lens more sticky
  • Stick the lens in the middle of the camera to get better effect
  • Works well on lenses not bigger than 1cm in diameter


PS: It can be hung on our Bumper-Pro series iPhone 4 case.
This Jelly Lens Filter fits over the lens of your mobile phone camera, digital camera, or web camera to create special effects. Add the fun elements to the pictures taken from your mobile phone or digital camera. There are total 12 series in this collection, with 12 unique special effects from each series. No any special skills needed, just fit a Jelly Lens over your camera’s ordinary lens to apply unique special effects to your digital photos.

There is a self-sticky but easily removable pad on the lens that makes it very easy to apply. Just stick it over your camera's lens, and take a picture as normal. Twist the plastic bevel on the Jelly Lens to get different variations. Each Jelly Lens is attached to a bungee cord and clip so you can leave it attached to your phone or digital camera for quick access to have fun shots. Quick to get one to let your life be magic and open!

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